About Gerben Steenks

Gerben Steenks started animating using paper, cells and an 8mm camera to see images flash by at 24 frames a second. This has forever sparked his curiosity to see something come alive.

He’s an experienced designer, with a very solid base in traditional drawing and animation skills. Using this experience he’s created artwork for screens as big as 12 meters wide to 352 pixels in width.

Gerben loves to get his head around the 3rd and second dimension. Designing more complex constructed characters, objects and environments, will make him become part of what he is creating until it turns into a believable character or world on it’s own.

Slicing the 3rd dimension into a graphic silhouette is where appeal and liveliness come to another fruition inside an animated film, illustration or your mobile app.

Looking for an illustrator or animator?

You can ask Gerben to create new original designs or to have a take on what you’ve already established.
He’d really like to hear from you, questions or feedback, and most of all to talk about future projects to collaborate with you.